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Who we are

Jipmernet is hosted by  Jipmer Alumni Association of North America (JAANA) a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity organization – EIN# 91-1553777

Jipmernet is an alumni network open to current and past physician trainees, graduates and educators from JIPMER, Puducherry, India

Jipmernet is organized to function under the public charity organization activities governed by JAANA Constitution

  1. To bring together the alumni of JIPMER
  2. To promote fellowship among the Association members
  3. To conduct seminars and educational activities that will promote the standard of medical practice by the alumni.
  4. To provide an avenue for cultural activities conducted and sponsored by the alumni.
  5. To provide a means of communication with the JIPMER Alumni Associations of other countries.
  6. To assist the alma mater in providing excellent educational facilities for the students at JIPMER
    • To facilitate scientific exchange of medical knowledge between the Association and the students and faculty at JIPMER
    • To encourage new and ongoing research and educational activities by the members and to share their expertise with their fellow members as well as with JIPMER.

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