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Jipmernet is a growing online network of physicians from JIPMER. This network caters to current and past MBBS students, physician trainees (residents, fellows) and faculty from JIPMER.




Welcome To jipmernet

Jipmernet is an alumni network open to current and past physician trainees, graduates and educators from JIPMER, Puducherry, India

Jipmernet is organized to function under the public charity organization activities governed by JAANA Constitution

  1. To bring together the alumni of JIPMER
  2. To promote fellowship among the Association members
  3. To conduct seminars and educational activities that will promote the standard of medical practice by the alumni.
  4. To provide an avenue for cultural activities conducted and sponsored by the alumni.
  5. To provide a means of communication with the JIPMER Alumni Associations of other countries.
  6. To assist the alma mater in providing excellent educational facilities for the students at JIPMER
    • To facilitate scientific exchange of medical knowledge between the Association and the students and faculty at JIPMER
    • To encourage new and ongoing research and educational activities by the members and to share their expertise with their fellow members as well as with JIPMER.

Jipmernet is open for current and past physician trainees, graduates and educators from JIPMER:

1. MBBS students
2. MD / MS residents
3. DM / MCh fellows / Clinical PhD Fellows
4. Faculty, Director

To join the network, sign up at Jipmernet Forum

Note that jipmernet is not part of any alumni association.

Our Network

Jipmernet Forum

Discussion forum is the primary meeting place for our members and alumni organizations. The forum hosts discussions about happenings in JIPMER, Medicine and about anything in the universe. You can also sign up for various alumni events in the forum

Jipmernet Videos

Video streaming service for recordings of Jipmernet events, meetings and education materials. If you missed an online alumni meetup? or a speaker session? Log In to catch up on the events. You will also find education materials prepared by our members for medical students, residents, and continuing medical education for all.

Jipmernet Database

Upcoming service –  Database of members – Connect and network.

Jipmernet Classroom

Upcoming service – Online course modules by the alumni

Jipmernet Photos

Upcoming service – Photogallery

About jipmernet

 Jipmernet was established in December 1994 by Shyam Visweswaran (class of 1983).

Numerous Jipmerites have contributed to Jipmernet especially to the Jipmernet Forum who, among others, include Raghuthaman Opeh aka Opeh (class of 1962), S Soundararaghavan aka Soundy (class of 1968), Shivshankar Sastry aka Sastry (class of 1972), Rajan Swain (class of 1974), Subroto Bhattacharya aka Bhatta (class of 1975), Pradeep Bansal (class of 1975), Amit K Ghosh (class of 1979), Nalin Mehta (class of 1981), Vaidyanathan Swaminathan aka Vaidy (class of 1990), Deepak Sagaram aka Sagaram (class of 1993) and Deevakar Rogith (class of 2004).

In addition, S Nanda Ganapathy (class of 1969) and Rajan Swain (class of 1974) have contributed to the Magazine section by scanning old student magazines.

Finally, JAANA has been extraordinarily helpful in providing financial support for Jipmernet.

Jipmernet is dedicated to the memories of Jayadev Menon and Mohammed Nadeem aka Naddu both of the class of 1983 who were tragically plucked from this world when far too young.

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