Dear alumni,

In view of the unprecedented number of patients with covid, JIPMER is facing acute shortage and suddenly faced with a crisis of non-availability of many critical equipment like Ventilators, multiparameter monitors, defibrillators, ABG machines, etc., to equip these ICUs and wards at a short notice. The situation has been dire to everyone – the patients, the physicians, the residents, the students and all healthcare workers in JIPMER.

Co-ordinating with the JIPMER COVID Task force, the various JIPMER alumni associations across the globe have come together to support our alma mater JIPMER through this crisis. We are working together with JIPMER to identify needs and find ways we can help them in their valiant efforts.

We are requesting you to generously donate to this fundraising for our alma mater.

This fundraising is for donating medical equipment and other supplies to support the COVID response. The alumni are coming together to support JIPMER by donating them. The alumni have the control on how the donations are being utilized. Donation to JIPMER cannot be immediately used for COVID response. They will be subject to Govt. of India procedures for utilizing public funds.

Your contributions will support the physicians, the residents and all healthcare workers in any way deemed fit at this hour of crisis.

All required information for the donation is available in Jipmernet at 

Follow the updates at Jipmernet Forum

We are overwhelmed by your response and are grateful to those of you who have given so generously.

Thank you for your generosity.


  • Latha Chaturvedula, President
  • Sreerag KS, Secretary
  • Hemachandran M, Treasurer


  • Raj Satyanaryana, President
  • Pallawi Torka, Secretary
  • Pushpa Chandwani, Treasurer
  • Deevakar Rogith, Deputy Treasurer
  •     Jipmernet Admin


  • Chandu Prasannan, President
  • Manu Mathew, Secretary
  • A Jayaprakash, Treasurer


  • Balachandar J
  • Narayanan P
  • Adhisivam B
  • Subashini Kaliyaperumal
  • Elamurugan TP
  • Anusha Cherian (JIPMER Taskforce)
  • Santhosh Satheesh (JIPMER Taskforce)