We understand you have some concerns about this fundraising process. Let us help you by answering some of the frequently asked questions.

How is JIPMER managing the pandemic crisis?

JIPMER had dedicated 220 oxygen  beds and 55 Ventilator ICU beds for Covid. As of today the occupancy for both is 99 to 100%. We are sending back many patients daily and they get admitted to other pvt hospitals. 

JIPMER cares for the sickest covid patients, till date we have treated over 7000 as inpatients and 3000 on Home Isolation Monitoring. We have a mortality of 700 patients.  We have 1500 doctors,1900 nurses and 3000 other staff working 24×7.

Why are you organizing this fundraising program?

In April of 2021, India faced the worst crisis during the pandemic. In view of the unprecedented number of patients with covid, JIPMER is converting its non-Covid ICUs and wards to Covid ICUs and while doing this we are suddenly faced with a crisis of non-availability of many critical equipment such as ventilators, multipmarameter monitors, Defibrillators, ABG machines, etc.  to equip these ICUs and wards at a short notice. We are also short of an ambulance to shift patients to other hospitals.

Though the procurement through official Govt of India process is being attempted, due to the recent restrictions imposed on the procurement of medical equipment the procurement is extremely challenging and the earliest these can materialize in June.

Hence JAA, JAANA, JAAUK are requesting all alumni to kindly consider donating these critical items to JIPMER and support the physicians and all healthcare workers in any way deemed fit at this hour of crisis.

How do I know that donations are utilized appropriately?

All donations are tracked from source to destination and is 100% utilized for support of COVID relief. The alumni association executives in conjunction with JIPMER Covid Task force make decisions on project. Description of funded projects will be available in Jipmernet Forum for transparency. In addition, the organizations JAA, JAANA and JAAUK are registered bodies with respective federal agencies, and are subject to revenue audits. All receipts, invoices, bills are submitted during annual tax returns.

I live outside India, but have a NRO / NRI account in India. How can I donate to JAA?

You can do a domestic transfer to JAA account ONLY if your NRO / NRI bank account is in Indian currency and you hold a valid Indian passport

I want to make a donation in memory of someone. What is the process?

After you make the donation, please complete the donation acknowledgement form which will guide you through the process.

We want to contribute as a batch. How can we coordinate?

All contributions must be made by an individual. After the contribution, in the donation acknowledgment form you can choose to aggregate your contribution with the batch. If you have collected money from other alumni and friends and you made a single deposit of the collected amount, please email us the list of donors.

Can I get tax credit for my donations? Will JIPMER provide tax certificate?

You are not contributing directly to JIPMER, so JIPMER will not provide any tax certificate.

You are contributing to either JAA or JAANA or JAAUK.

Donations to JAA (India) account are not eligible for tax credits.

Donations to JAANA (USA) are tax deductible (IRS #EIN# 91-1553777) in the USA only.

Donations to JAAUK (UK) are tax deductible subject to final approval as Charity by HRMC (currently in process).


What will happen to my donations?

Detailed process is described in this page: How the donations are managed. All projects to be funded and discussions about the fundraising are posted in Jipmernet Forum.

Why should I donate to alumni associations? Why not donate directly to JIPMER?

This fundraising is for donating medical equipment and other supplies to support the COVID response. The alumni are coming together to support JIPMER by donating them. The alumni have the control on how the donations are being utilized. Donation to JIPMER cannot be immediately used for COVID response. They will be subject to Govt. of India procedures for utilizing public funds.

I have a question about the fundraising. Who can I call?

Best way to reach us is via Jipmernet Forum. If you have any question about the fundraising, or how JIPMER is handling the crisis, please post your questions in discussion thread at Jipmernet Forum.

If you send us an email to jaa@jipmer.net with your contact information, one of the committee members will reach out you.

The contact information of all alumni organization are below.

How can I get a receipt for my donation?

For contributions made through May 31, 2021, please expect receipts around 15-30th June, 2021. Receipts are given only after confirmation of the transaction.

If you donated to JAA bank accounts (India), please complete the donation acknowledgment form to receive a receipt via email from jaa@jipmer.net

If you donated to JAANA (USA) via PayPal or bank transfer, you will receive an electronic receipt via email from jaana@jipmer.net. You should still complete the donation acknowledgment form for tracking individual contributions.

If you donated to JAAUK  (UK) bank account, please complete the donation acknowledgment form to receive a receipt via email from jaauk@jipmer.net

I did not receive any receipt by email. What should I do?

The receipts are processed between 15th -30th June, 2021. We appreciate your patience.

Search for your receipts in your email’s inbox, junk / spam folders. The receipts are sent from jaa@jipmer.net, jaana@jipmer.net and jaauk@jipmer.net  email accounts. Please include them in your contacts to improve delivery to your inbox.

if you cannot find the receipts, contact us by email or send a private message in the Jipmernet Forum

Best way to reach us is via Jipmernet Forum. If you have any question about the fundraising, or how JIPMER is handling the crisis, please post your questions in discussion thread at Jipmernet Forum.

Reach us at any of the following:


  • Latha Chaturvedula, President
  • Sreerag KS, Secretary
  • Hemachandran M, Treasurer


  • Raj Satyanaryana, President
  • Pallawi Torka, Secretary
  • Pushpa Chandwani, Treasurer
  • Deevakar Rogith, Deputy Treasurer
  •     Jipmernet Admin


  • Chandu Prasannan, President
  • Manu Mathew, Secretary
  • A Jayaprakash, Treasurer


  • Balachandar J
  • Narayanan P
  • Adhisivam B
  • Subashini Kaliyaperumal
  • Elamurugan TP
  • Anusha Cherian (JIPMER Taskforce)
  • Santhosh Satheesh (JIPMER Taskforce)